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25/♂/Robot; Is very bad at talking about himself. Expect me to post/reblob a lot of Megaman, Dragon Age, Ragnarok, Zelda, and whatever other fandom-related nonsense I feel like. Art too, I tend to reblog that from my sketch account. YEAH.

[I Mod and play Fireman, Starman, King, Quint, & Magicman @ All my robots. Contact me for questions or more info! C: ]

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Speedy Speed Boy

Gauging baked good interest?


This will probably not be the most conventional front to sell baked things, but I’ve had very marginal (read as: no) success with Etsy, because of my lack of fantastic camera/experience there, sigh.

But Ziv will be down here soon, and we’re trying to weigh our options on how to make money for various issues (My dumb medical shit, MOVING… etc etc), and we both really like to bake a lot.

SO BASICALLY LONG STORY SHORT, would anyone personally or do you all know of anyone that’d be interested in buying baked goods from us at some point, were we to offer them for commission? Basically stuff like cake pops, truffles, cookies, any sort of cake/pie/pastry you can think up, and can also decorate pretty well to make themed sets and party favors etc. (Like game-themed pops or truffles oooo fancy) It’s something that even with the way my body’s been acting, would be able to retain a good output. c’:

YEAH, holla or like this post or something, get word out so we can know if we should set up shop here maybe? Even if you couldn’t buy right now, just knowing it’d be desired is A++++. THANKS GUYS. ♥

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Dear Followers

So UH yeah wow I kinda disappeared from this account due to weird interest fluctuations and securing a pretty sweet name for a more text-oriented personal and I completely forgot to check here and clue people in???

IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW MY NEWISH PERSONAL which also features my art too in one fell swoop, its Horwell. If not, totally cool too.

I would really rather have no drama go there, so please accept my apologies for being useless and not making it public knowledge til now (or logging in here for that matter oops…). I get stressed pretty easily and it’s been my vent zone and is full of dumb shit, BE PREPARED.

This may likely become my personal again someday but until then it’ll probs be a megaman and other interest queue?? I would like to keep in touch with all of you cool people more so I figured while I still remembered, here we are! Thanks for being awesome, guys, I’ll try to be better about keeping this blog somewhat active! ;;

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